Protect your car seat from food, from drink and from scratching

The Last Car Seat Protector You’ll Ever Need To Buy 


Protects From Scuffs, Stains and Spills – Guaranteed!


It's hard keeping our car seats in top condition with kids. Food, drink & oopsy moment

stains along with scuffing from baby and toddler seats on our car seats can cause

unsightly damage.


This Non-Slip Car Seat Protector creates a protective waterproof barrier between

the child seat and your car seat, preventing scuffs and also food, drink and other

liquids staining and damaging your car seats.


Installation is easy – simply place the car seat protector between the car seat and

the child seat. The non-slip properties of the car seat protector ensure that it does

not move around.


The car seat protector's pockets are perfect for holding toys, child bottles or 

other items.


The Cruisy Kids Car Seat Protector can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Benefits: 

• Shaped to fit most vehicles 

• Prevents damage to your car seat 

• Padded protection from marking 

• Durable construction using quality materials 

• Easy to install 

• Anti-slip backing prevents movement 

• Won't damage your car seats 

• Easily cleaned 

• Mesh pockets for storing kids bottles, toys or other items